About This Site

Welcome to the weblog of Scott Karlin. By day, I’m the manager of the computing facilities group in the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University.

There is no focus to this weblog just yet. When I have a focus, it’ll likely be on technology, the intersection of technology and policy (e.g., privacy, copyright, security), gadgets, and software. Of course, since this is my weblog, I reserve the right to change its focus — even in mid-sentence.

I speak only for myself and nothing I write here is endorsed by Princeton University or by anyone else except me.

I welcome comments, suggestions, and polite argumentation. If you send me a message about what I’ve written, I’ll assume (unless you tell me otherwise) that I have your permission to quote your message on the site. You can also post a comment to the site yourself.

Material in the Comments section is contributed by others. I can’t vouch for its accuracy and it doesn’t necessarily reflect my opinions. I reserve the right to remove comments that are clearly off-topic or highly offensive; but otherwise I’ll leave the comments alone.

Unless noted otherwise, everything on this site is copyrighted by Scott¬†C.¬†Karlin. (Commenters may own the copyright on their comments — ask a copyright lawyer — but I assume that commenters give my readers permission to redistribute or use their comments under the same terms that apply to the material on which they are commenting.) Thanks to the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998, my copyrights on this site will expire in approximately 2115.

A quick acknowledgement: thanks to Ed Felten for helping me set up my weblog and letting me lift much of the content for this page from his About This Site page on his weblog.